Infographic: How much does a puppy cost?

So you’re thinking about getting a puppy? Here’s how much you should expect to save to cover the pup’s first year.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 7.40.25 PM


6 thoughts on “Infographic: How much does a puppy cost?

  1. Kyle your infographic looks terrific! It’s very cohesive and looks like something I would find on a real pet service page. I’ve only had one dog, which I won and had to give away 6 months later, so I’ really blind to the costs and responsibilities that come with having a dog, so this really put things into perspective. I commend you on spending this much as a student! I would have loved a personal anecdote on how you deal with the costs of having a puppy. Tips you have for others, etc…?


  2. I also really like this infographic. I always think about the people who don’t know what kind of financial situation they’re getting into with getting a dog (it’s not only a ton of time, but money!). I think you did a good job hitting all the spots where owning a dog will cost you, and I’m glad you included a total for the year (bottom lines are what people are going to want to see the most)!


  3. This is absolutely the most useful inforgraphic I’ve seen. With graduation approaching I’m doing a lot of real research on adopting a dog and I really appreciate your analysis of the process while you’re still a student with a wacky schedule compared to a standard work schedule that we’ve moving towards. The financial responsibilities of a dog are often overlooked and it’s so hard to estimate on your own, so thank you for this!


  4. I love how practical this information is, and it also shows how familiar you are to the role of a dog-owner. I thought that your infographic is a very informative graphic, but I also wish if there could be a little more text to tell a story that has to do with one of these costs.


  5. Wow this is a wonderful infographic. As a person who has been raising dog for more than 10 years I think your infographic is really realistic and useful. I hope people search this kind of info and think twice before getting a dog, because dog is not a toy that they can throw away in the streets.


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