DC Doggo Adventures

DC Doggo Adventures

For dog owners, Washington DC offers plenty of exciting destinations to take your four-legged best friend. From inside the heart of the city to the surrounding DMV area, adventure and beauty are often just a half-day walk or quick Zip Car ride away. Here are two of my favorite spots to take Cuevo.


The Georgetown Waterfront

There’s nothing more relaxing than feeling the breeze from the Potomac River as you navigate the riverside path. The riverfront also offers a great space for dogs to play. As sort of a dog mecca, there is never a lack of other dogs with their owners to play with. The numerous green patches often serve as mini-parks to play catch or just frolic with your pup. In the warmer months, the waterfront fountain is a great way for you and the furry friend to cool off.



Billy Goat Trail

The Billy Goat Trail is a 4.7 mile-long hiking trail located in Montgomery County, Marlyand. It’s hard to find closer natural and topographical beauty than this 30-minute drive. The trail is also a favorite for dogs, offering two sections (B &C) for them to walk through as long as the leashes are kept on. The park features a multitude of stunning waterfalls and rapids that are sure to make you feel a long ways away from the city. For dogs that love climbing, and owners that enjoy hiking, look no further.

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8 thoughts on “DC Doggo Adventures

  1. Hi Kyle, love to see the adventures with Cuevo. I definitely need to check out the Billy Goat Trail, because I love hiking but don’t get to do it much around here (also always searching for friendly doggos to pet). Love all your pictures of Cuevo!


  2. You’re certainly lucky to have Cuevo in such a dog friendly city! Like Kristina said, I’ll definitely have to check out the Billy Goat Trail. Often times I forget how close we are to so many great outdoorsy destinations. On a different note, I love the layout of your blog. The homepage is very easy to navigate and I think your twitter thread fits in seamlessly. Keep up the good work!


  3. Hi Kyle, it’s great that you can take your doggie to so many great, dog-friendly spots for walk here in D.C. I also have a dog but she is back home in Korea, I am so sad that I can’t give her a look around this lovely city. I would look forward to your lovely adventures with adorable Cuevo!


  4. I love that you have two options for places to take your dog, one in the city and one outside of it. Sometimes you can get in a rut of where you go and this keeps thing interesting for both you and Cuevo! Also the slideshow is really well suited for your blog in general. Who doesn’t love a ton of pictures of dogs?


  5. Kyle your pictures are beautiful. You combine scenery with dog pictures and it really works. I wish you included more photos in your slideshow. Like Prof.Usher said, adding a map to your adventures with your dog will really add to your blog. Looking forward to next week’s post.


  6. This is one cute dawg. I like you how formatted the text/pictures on the left/right. I’ve been trying to figure out how to do this for my blog, but I believe the theme I chose does not make it easy. As others have said, the pictures are very nice. I think this post could have benefitted from a couple other places on the list to beef it up. Also, are there any places you’ve learned you should not take a dog? That also may have been useful to include.


  7. There’s no question, this dog is adorable, but I love the tips. I definitely hoping to get a dog sometime after graduation, but for the time being, I’m dog sitting next week and looking for places to take my friends dog. Do you go to any dog parks in the area, or have any places that you’d recommend avoiding?


  8. Love the pictures of cuevo throughout the city. The first photo is a particularly great shot. The slideshow is also a great bonus. I find this blog particularly helpful as I have recently discovered my dog from home will be coming to live with me off campus next year in the winter. I look forward to more tips on living with a dog at college, specifically in D.C.


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