Meet Cuevo – 3 Things to Know

Entering my senior year I never imagined adopting a dog, much less a puppy. I was still busy trying to answer the question that plagues seniors everywhere, “what exactly do I want to do after graduating?” The first week of school, my friend came over with a surprise, a 4-months-old nugget of a pup (then-named Conley) that she was fostering. One week later, I decided to adopt this ball-of-energy. Here are the top three reasons that make him so unique.

Cuevo circa 5-months-old
  1. Those eyes! I was immediately mesmerized by Cuevo’s unique eyes, one blue and the other dark. I’d find out later that like humans, dogs too can genetically inherit heterochromatic eyes. I actually ran a genetic test on Cuevo and was able to find the source, his Australian Shepherd ancestry.
  2. He’s one-of-a-kind. Before the results of his genetics test, I thought for sure that Cuevo was primarily black lab. I could not have been more wrong. Cuevo is amazingly composed of six different breeds! He’s mainly Australian Shepherd, but also part American Bulldog, American Staffordshire Terrier, Border Collie, Great Pyrenees, and Labrador Retriever Mix. The results also give a predicted weight for Cuevo, between 61-91 lbs. And as you can see in the below pictures, he’s well on his way there.
  3. His story. Cuevo is actually a survivor of the August 2016 floods that ravaged Louisiana. Cuevo was lucky though. According to his records, he and his siblings were found in a backyard and picked up by the local police. From there, he made his way to the Wolf Trap Animal Rescue based here in McLean, VA. Today, although Cuevo is still frightened by storms, he is showing great improvement!
Photo Credits: NBC San Diego



5 thoughts on “Meet Cuevo – 3 Things to Know

  1. I love this blog theme! Cuevo is adorable, and I love your use of pictures. I also appreciate that you formatted this post in the style of a 3 point list; it makes it super easy to read. I’m excited to keep following this blog!


  2. I loved reading about your pup! It was such a nice pick me up, and I love seeing that you can be successful with a dog during college. It also amazes me that you’ve done so much research into your dog’s history in such a short amount of time – I can tell you definitely love him, and it enhanced the blog experience even more to have all of this scientific background on cute little Cuevo. I also think the idea for this blog is a good one, since I know many people who would love to own a dog during college, but wouldn’t really know how to do so. I’ll look forward to reading your other tips, and may even be tempted to adopt when it’s all said and done!


  3. Another awesome post, Kyle. Your dog is adorable, Cuevo’s eyes give him so much character. One of my best friends’ dogs has heterochromatic eyes, so maybe its a bit more common than I thought? I also loved the way you formatted this blog post as a list: short, concise, and to the point. The pictures also added some great character. I’m looking forward to reading more about your tips and tricks!


  4. Cuevo seems like such an awesome dog! It’s heartwarming that he was rescued from those floods and made it all the way to you. Also, I didn’t realize that Australian Shepherds were more prone to heterochromatic eyes. The more you know.


  5. This is so cute, I love the way you describe him and write about the process of adopting a puppy. We adopted my first dog so I can relate! The pictures are a great addition, I definitely want to see more!


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