Along Came Cuevo

Along Came Cuevo

Five months ago I made the most impulsive decision of my life. I got a puppy. I had plenty of people tell me my senior year of college was perhaps not the best time to commit to a 15-year-long relationship­. And while I’ll admit there are moments when I couldn’t agree more—my crazy nine-month-old mutt has also turned out to be the best decision in my life.cuevo-2

Through my own experiences with my puppy Cuevo (Named from the rapper from Migos, not the tequila), I hope to be able to show other students how great it can be to have a dog in college. Yes, it’s true that it’s a huge time commitment. Also true, how expensive it is to adopt a new puppy. Through it all owning a dog can be an incredibly rewarding experience that also helps you get your own shit together for becoming a real adult post-graduation. Coming up, look for tips and guides to owning a puppy. Plus, plenty of ridiculous stories in between.


3 thoughts on “Along Came Cuevo

  1. Wow…I look forward to following your blog over the course of the semester, Kyle. I’ve held back on getting a dog myself for many of the reasons that you probably heard before you took the dive. But I’m looking forward to hearing your tips and tricks, as well as the stories. Perhaps Prof. Usher will let you bring Cuevo to class before the semester is out!


  2. First of all, killer name for a dog (Migos would appreciate it). Second, as a dog person–I have 3 at home, all over 100 pounds–without any sustained access to a dog at school, I can support and appreciate your impulsive decision. There’s been plenty of times I have almost taken home a puppy myself, but so far have been able to resist the urge. I’m interested in seeing the direction you take the blog, but I am also pretty sure that no matter what you post I’m going to read it and Im going to like it. Post lots of pictures!


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